A Food Diet for Eliminating Chronic Constipation

A Food Diet

A Food Diet for Eliminating Chronic Constipation

A Food Diet – So many people are afflicted with chronic constipation. They don’t always know how to eliminate it. Relieving constipation of this type can create some real challenges and often results in failure. The cause of constipation can be quite simple or complex depending on the person. Some people simply need a small change in diet while other may need doctors drugs.

Using drugs can alter your body’s hormonal system causing imbalances that lead to another sickness. In addition, drugs suppress the cause of constipation and may also cause constipation under continual use. Drugs are poisons designed to kill and to alter cellular function. That is why using natural remedies first makes sense.

The following list gives you some natural solutions for eliminating chronic constipation. If you want to really get rid of constipation then using natural nutritional methods is how you can do it.

The first thing to start with is your diet. Start adding more fibre to your eating pattern. Most people only have around 10 gm of fibre daily. But you need to get your fibre intake to at least 25 gm per day. Add more fibre to your diet a little at a time.

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Eat fruits and their juices from morning until noon. This helps you to detoxify and eliminate toxins that accumulated during the night. You’ll also get more fibre since fruits are high in fibre. This is a relieving constipation diet. It is the tendency of your body to have a bowel movement in the morning to eliminate toxins and waste that has accumulated during the night. Eating anything other then fruits and their juices will cause constipation.

If you don’t eat vegetables with your protein, you’re going to have constipation. You will not be able to get obviate chronic constipation.  Your protein is going to stay a long time in your colon since it doesn’t have vegetables to trigger bowel wall peristaltic movement. The longer protein stays in the colon the more susceptible you are to colon cancer and other colon diseases.

Add more water to your diet. If you don’t drink enough water, your stool will become hard in the colon and will be difficult to move. Don’t overdo it with drinking water, you only need to drink 4 glasses a day. Someone has recommended drinking 8 glasses per day. This is an excess of water and can largely possible cause your stools to be too soft and might cause excess gut movements.

There are certain foods that cause constipation and these you should avoid. The foods to avoid are those that do not contain fibre. They are foods where the fibre has been removed. This causes the food to be unbalanced and will cause you a variety of disease. Fibre will make your body strong, resilient, and resistant to disease and injury, just as it does this for plants.

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One more thing, bad bacteria can cause constipation. We all have bad bacteria but when it gets out of control, it can lead to disease and malfunction of the colon. The excess bad bacterium can excrete toxins that destroy good colon function, which can lead to constipation.

Bad bacteria multiples as it consumes undigested protein. As it increases in numbers, it becomes dominant in the colon creating excess toxins which lead to colon malfunction. These toxins weaken the colon walls, change the pH environment, and get sucked into your body and blood, causing unhealthy conditions.

With these few tips, you can make a start to get rid of your chronic constipation. Take serious the use of fruit and their juices in the morning. And, adding plenty of vegetables with your protein and carbohydrate meals will prevent constipation. Careful with the water and don’t drink 8 glasses a day unless you are an athlete or are working in the hot sun every day.