Image source: Fasting for Weight Loss or Not Reading hundreds of articles, reviews, and case studies has really pushed me to explain this huge fasting for weight loss method that thousands are turning to for their weight loss goals and improving their diets. Fasting has become a very popular weight loss method that people are claiming they have lost 30-40 pounds in only a 30-day fast that is pretty incredible. Some even have dropped 3-4 pounds in a single day. Is fasting really the best weight loss solution or is it just another hype? Another important to ponder on is fasting healthy for ourRead More →

Image source: Exercise, Diet and Weight Loss For The Breast Feeding Mom It's normal for a woman to be concerned about such things as weight loss and fitness, particularly after a pregnancy and during the breast feeding period. However, many new moms also want to know how diet, exercise, and a weight loss program will affect their ability to effectively breast feed their baby. Here's a few basic bits of data on the subject. For specific advice concerning you, your baby, and your breast feeding program, talk to your doctor. Diet While your particular diet has less impact on the breast milk you provideRead More →

Image source: Eating Several Small Meals for Weight Loss Have you ever wished that you could eat more and still lose weight? Well, there may be some secret to this particular piece of advice for weight loss. Many diet programs and diet gurus advocate eating smaller meals more frequently. Instead of the usual three square meals a day, the practice of consuming smaller amounts of food at regular intervals throughout the day has been afforded attention. It is said to that this practice helps with weight loss by changing the body's metabolism, or by taking advantage of it. Imagine you were to put justRead More →

Image source: Easy Steps To Keep Your Pancreas Healthy Your pancreas is a large organ behind your stomach which produces insulin to regulate blood sugar and enzymes to promote good digestion. Diseases of the pancreas include both pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. In addition, if you regularly have high levels of blood sugar in your system causing a condition called insulin resistance, your pancreas may suffer because it is forced to over work. Effective solutions include dietary and lifestyle changes which support good health. The pancreas produces insulin in response to an infusion of blood sugar. The insulin is responsible for assuring your cells receiveRead More →

Image source: Does Salt Effect Your Healthy Weight Loss Program Healthy Weight Loss Program. As we continue to do our best to live a healthy lifestyle and lose or maintain our weight we usually focus on eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and taking nutritious vitamin supplements. These are the three most important factors in a healthy weight loss program. But, when it comes to losing weight many people believe that salt or sodium consumption may hinder it or even cause weight gain. So what causes us to lose or gain weight? How to Lose Weight. Effective and permanent healthy weight loss is simplyRead More →

Image source: Diets, Exercise, Health, and Weight Loss Fdi id=atie-nn> >Squre n. top hnkingabut iet dit, ietn, n iet fad iet,ltestdiet,celbriy det det ill, ietpans,dit progams..a ausem.. itrallyA diet is simply what you eat! Your diet can consist of chocolate donuts or alfalfa sprouts, but most "Diets", with a capital "D" will not set you free. Instead, they lock you in a cage. Eat anything other than what they prescribe, and you are a failure… at least, so reads their literature. Of course, what we eat and when we eat it can play a big part in weight loss or weight gain. Even whereRead More →

Image source: Depression and Weight Loss If you serious about losing weight for health reasons, you are probably facing a major problem. You lack the muscle to support your own weight and as a result you tire too easily to keep a sustained exercise regime. To help you get started, the following exercises are designed with low intensity and impact; firstly, to reduce the risk of injures, especially for beginners and secondly, to make it possible for you to actually achieve them. Here are 6 exercises that are simple to perform and can be done in the comfort of your own home. 1) OverheadRead More →

Image source: Dangers and Problems with Rapid Weight Loss People searching for weight loss programs and diets today seem to be searching more for rapid weight loss than permanent, healthy weight loss. Unfortunately, it is a fact that quick diet weight loss programs are seldom without their dangers, and their results usually range from erratic to nonexistent. I would advise anyone seeking to lose weight to substitute the term 'healthy weight loss program' for 'rapid weight loss program'. I hope, the following short discussion will explain my position to some extent. You, like so many others in today's society, are concerned about losing weight.Read More →

Image source: Colon Cleanse Relieves Constipation, Helps Weight Loss and Increases Energy Maintaining good colon health is essential for keeping our digestive system operating properly. The job of the colon is to absorb the remaining water and nutrients and push waste into the small intestine to be eliminated. If this process is not working properly it slows everything to a crawl. The results can be constipation, gas, fatigue and the resulting effect of not being able to lose weight as well as loss of energy. It also has a negative effect on our overall health because poor digestive function also affects other organ systemsRead More →

Image source: College Students! Foods That Help You Lose Weight There are many who try to lose weight by minimizing their food intake only to see their weight loss stall. This is as a result of eating too little which then forces your body's metabolism to slow down. You can overcome this problem by consuming smaller meals frequently throughout the day instead of the three meal a day approach. If you still want to eat and lose weight here are a selection of foods that I suggest you to eat. Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tip 1 – High Fiber Cereals I thinkRead More →