Eat To Live Diet Plan

Eat To Live Diet Plan

Eat To Live Diet Plan

Diet – As a fitness training instructor, the vast majority of people who come to me for help are overweight. I can tell almost immediately if they are serious about their problem or if they’re here to just to test the water.

I can tell in their eyes on our very first meeting if they will last less than a month or if they’re here for the whole journey. It’s not that my training program is hard, or that the equipment I use is too difficult to master, it’s usually the lack of commitment that sorts the can-do’s from the dreamers.

It’s even not about the fitness training itself. The one major problem is that person’s mindset.

A person will come to me expecting to lose weight straight away and the reason most of them don’t is simply a lack of commitment. They take three or four sessions then find out it’s not working for them and I never see them again. I know it’s not me, I have a full book…it’s the person’s failure to commit to a plan.

That plan, which should be on everyone’s itinerary, is a commitment for them to change their lifestyle and change their attitude to healthy living. They are overweight because of years of being told that losing weight involved cutting food out. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Food is essential, it’s our fuel and it’s what keeps us healthy. If an overweight person wants to lose weight, they have to eat well. They need an ‘eat to live diet’ plan that keeps them in check and allows them to be accountable for their efforts.

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It’s not rocket science to understand that eating the wrong food will harm your waistline, but with a change of mindset and a plan to follow, the heaviest of people will find success in their fat loss efforts.

So how can we change people’s ideas about dieting? This is almost impossible in an age of Internet websites over-hyping slimming pills, diet shakes, appetite suppressants, fat binders and all the other next-to-useless fads out there.

They sell hope but rarely deliver. The people who buy such products are relying on outside factors to miraculously drop the pounds. They are taken in by expensive advertisements and skilled copywriters. It’s big business.

In a word, the desperate dieters are ‘lazy’. Their only commitment is to open their wallets and purses to pay for the next wonder pill and cross their fingers in hope.

I advise all my clients to have a plan before they do anything about weight loss. I hammer home the importance of making themselves accountable each day by keeping a diary of their day’s efforts, and I drive them crazy by motivating them to change their mindset. A Plan.

People are afraid of committing themselves to a plan for fear of failure. Straight away their mindset is totally wrong. They are already beating themselves up before they start. If they are serious about losing weight, and I mean really serious, this little voice in the back of their mind should be eliminated from the beginning. As soon as it starts up again, shout it down. Stay committed.

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The first part of the plan is to change the mindset. Then comes motivation. Motivation is followed by commitment, commitment is followed by success.

Losing weight is not all about eating, we eat to live; it’s about locking in a commitment to changing our mindset to get motivated for success.

I cannot drill this home enough. Get an instead of relying on Living To Eat. And the only person who can achieve this in the entire world is the person who wants to change their own life.

Once this plan is put into gear, good things happen. You become more alert, happier, positive and above all, healthy.

Being a fitness trainer I see all shapes and sizes wishing to change their lifestyle and it frustrates me when after a few weeks I get a call canceling a session, followed by a lame excuse for not being able to carry on with future sessions.

If only they could see how happy my successful clients are and how happy and healthy they are in both body and soul.

And all they did was follow a plan.