Healthy Diets For Weight Loss – The Scientific Facts

Healthy Diets For Weight Loss

Healthy Diets For Weight Loss – The Scientific Facts

Healthy Diets For Weight Loss – The Scientific Facts

Don’t you just hate most of the available diets? They make you starve yourself or take unnatural pills or synthetic meal replacements. If you are the same as everyone else you will have tried some of these before and either given up or put your weight back on afterward. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a healthier and more natural way? The good news is that all the facts point to healthy diets for weight loss as being the best way not only to lose weight but to keep it off forever.

All of the scientific studies into dieting say the same thing. They say that ‘diets’ don’t work but eating for good health does. After trying and failing at dieting for eighteen years I decided to research for myself into healthy diets for weight loss.

The advice I got from all my research was to eat simple natural food. Stop eating processed food or pre-prepared meals and just eat simple natural ingredients. So you can eat meat, fish, eggs, and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

The simplest way to describe the principles shown by the studies is to ditch low nutrition food and eat high nutrition food. Fruit and vegetables have very high nutrition and fat and complex or refined carbohydrate have low nutrition.

So if you focus on your health and eat what is best for your body you naturally lose weight. Unfortunately, we are so brainwashed by diet industry advertising that we think dieting is the best way to lose weight. A study of 20,000 people who dieted showed that dieting ends up making people fatter. Mainly because the diets offered are unsustainable and unnatural and they give people no long-term plan for sustained weight loss.

Another study conducted in 2009 showed that eating healthy diets for weight loss worked far better. In this study, one group of people were put on a ‘diet’ and the other group was put on a healthy eating plan. The healthy eating plan worked far better.

The healthy eating plan group were not focusing on their weight but were focusing on their health and consequently not only lost weight but felt healthier and kept the weight off more successfully.

So when you are looking for healthy diets for weight loss the facts are simple. Just start to think about eating what is good for your body. Forget about weight loss and just eat for good health and you will naturally come down to a good weight.

After struggling to lose weight for eighteen years of my life I followed this philosophy of healthy diets for weight loss. I stopped obsessing about my weight and just ate high nutrition food. I dropped a large amount of weight and I have kept it off for a year now. This is a result that I never managed before. Now that my mentality has switched It has become so much easier. If you make the mental switch you can do it too.