Image source: Weight Loss For Children Weight loss for children as well as adults, is sometimes more of an art than a science. As your child ages and develops, you can only hope they develop healthy tendencies and eating habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Naturally, the best way to accomplish this feat is to lead by example and to enjoy a healthy lifestyle your children can envy. However, with the numerous stresses of everyday parenting and the resilient stubbornness of children to follow eat your vegetables style directives, it can help to have some simple guidelines toRead More →

Image source: Want To Lose Weight And Feel Great Learn How To Replace Your Bad Eating Thabits With Good Ones! We all have bad habits-weather it be eating too quickly, taking more than we need, indulging in sweets or eating late at night, these bad habits can be a huge hindrance when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. If you are trying to lose weight but are not getting anywhere fast, it may be time to trade in your old bad habits for new good habits! It sounds daunting, but trust me, once you start putting the new good habits intoRead More →

Image source: True Weight Loss Starts With Strength and Growth Are you frustrated with busting your butt in the gym hour after hour, month after month, and year after year with little or no results to show for it? Are you frustrated with all of the conflicting information about how to train? I AM PROMISING YOU RIGHT NOW THAT IF YOU FOLLOW THIS ARTICLE TO A TEE, YOU WILL BUILD MUSCLE AND GET LEAN IN THE SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE – GUARANTEED!!! What does building muscle have to do with weight loss? Muscle is the furnace where fat is burned. Fat needs muscle to beRead More →

Image source: Top 5 Weight Loss Scams 1. The Ephedra Free "Natural" Fat Burners – Many of the supplement sellers are having a field day selling new addictive stimulants wearing labels that say "Natural." Natural suggests the compound is something found in nature, either in plants, animals, or yes, even people. That really allows for a great many compounds to be packaged as "natural," after all, the human body produces hydrochloric acid and ammonia, animals sometimes have poison glands that house neurotoxins, and plants are the raw material for everything from opium to cocaine. Natural does not necessarily equate to "safe." When ephedrine wasRead More →

Image source: The Science Behind The Paleo Diet The Paleolithic or Paleo Diet, as it is commonly referred to, has gained popularity in recent years mainly due to its simplicity. All you have to remember to eat is lots of lean meat, fruits and vegetables. As boring as that might sound the diet can actually contain an enormous amount of variety and surprisingly delicious choices which make it easier to stay on then your typical fad diet. Actually its not a diet at all its a completely new way of eating. Pioneers of the Paleo Diet First introduced by gastroenterologist Walter Vogetlin during theRead More →

Image source: The Key to Permanent Weight Loss Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming Many individuals are tired of weighing more than they would like. Some have difficulting with weight loss or becoming motivated to alter their daily habits to steer clear of the eventual effects of obesity. These poor persons have to find ways to take the weight off or suffer negative medical problems. Individuals who are overweight can choose from a number of methods of losing weight and begin the road to self-help. For those persons who are severely overweight, physicians may choose to medications to help people lose weight. Unfortunately, these medications may resultRead More →

Image source: The 10 Commandments Of Weight Loss Success A major new clinical research study, involving more than 14,000 people and spanning some 16 years, has allowed us to identify what does–and what definitely does not–lead to safe, struggle-free, lasting weight loss. As a result, we now know "." Commandment #1: Get The Facts Before You Act! Be certain that whatever you do is based on real data, not on hype and wild claims. Recent research has revealed a wealth of new insights into what works–and what doesn't. Some prime examples: – An astonishing 96% of weight loss attempts fail. – We gain backRead More →

Image source: Self-Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation and Weight Loss Would you be interested in a simple strategy that will make you more motivated to exercise? Then read on Everyone knows that one of the important keys to a) losing weight and b) remaining at an ideal weight once it is achieved, is exercise. Exercise burns the calories ingested from food and increases the metabolism. Once an ideal weight is achieved, many people give up on exercise and go back to their old habits. They lose motivation. But the fact is: the more you exercise, the more you can eat. If you dont exercise, itRead More →

Image source: Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau You have been to the gym, started a new weight loss program and have seen some pounds drop! Two months later you find yourself stagnant, working harder and losing less weight. Well, you've hit a plateau. A weight loss plateau usually occurs within about a month or two of starting a reduced-calorie diet, and/or fitness program and may reoccur from time to time thereafter. During such a plateau, weight reduction stops completely or slows down to almost nothing. Your body's reaction is to maintain a state of homeostasis, regulating its internal environment to maintain a stable condition.Read More →

Image source: Master Cleanser Recipe The Lazy People's Diet to Weight Loss The master cleaner recipe (by Stanley Burroughs) was developed as a detox, and not weight loss diet. Coincidentally, while on this lemonade diet, some has indeed succeeded to loss weight. Even that, they really need discipline and endurance to survive the 10 days program. In fact, most will have give up before 3 days into the master cleanse diet. The first 3 days is probably the most difficult time when you started the master cleanse diet. You can't stand the hunger pangs and worst the delicious and juicy burger pop up onRead More →