Raw Vegan Food – Adopting A Natural, Raw, Live, Whole Food, Plant Based Diet

raw vegan food

Raw Vegan Food – Adopting A Natural, Raw, Live, Whole Food, Plant Based Diet

Raw Vegan Food – Consuming a diet consisting of raw vegan food is now easier than ever before, with so many options and information available, from raw food benefits to raw food meal plans and list of raw foods. In this article, I am going to discuss with you how to go about introducing more raw foods into your diet, what foods to avoid and what you can expect from consuming higher doses of raw living foods and uncover some controversy and political strongholds in the raw food world.

Firstly its all about information, education and why we eat the way we do. Ultimately like all else in the corporate world, there is a lot of money to be made in keeping the population in a state of ill health and disease. With a 300 trillion USD a year industry in the pharmaceutical trade in the States alone to protect its no wonder that the information was offered is written and researched by the very companies that look after our sickness. Most vitamins and minerals obtainable on health food shelves provide doses so low as set out by the recommended daily intake provided by the FDA that it is not enough to sustain healthy living. So naturally if we are not receiving the necessary nourishment from foods due to over farmed soils and chemical agents such as herbicides and pesticides, and the health pills we take are too low in their doses to provide compensation for this then our health will be in a state of decline, leading us toward the pharmaceutical trade for help. And voila they’ve won!

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Many get tripped up on the term Vegan, but it’s quite simple really. Vegan raw foods are foods free of animal products or animal by-products. The most important here to consider are dairy items such as cheese, milk, butter, cream and eggs etc, and of course meat. The most extensive food research studies ever conducted arrived at a 100% statistical fact that when animal protein is heated or pasteurized it creates a powerful carcinogen, Casein, and when consumed splits human cells which ultimately results in the growth of cancer and expedite the aging process.

Well! Its not all doom and gloom, and thankfully now due to a few innovative pioneers in the world of raw food we have a new emergence of information and products available to us to combat ill health and ultimately elevate us toward higher optimum levels of health where we no longer need to be reliant on pills, potions and formulas. By infusing, organic fresh living raw food into our diet we start to reverse the effects caused by an inadequate diet, alleviating ourselves of illness and disease and sending our bodies skyward to attain the levels of health and well being we deserve and need to function at the standard of performance we desire.

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Whether you are seeking higher energy levels, mental clarity, and focus or an athlete striving for higher levels of success, all can benefit from a raw food diet. It’s simple and easy; to begin with, we start with simple juice and smoothie ideas for the morning, fruit salads garnished with superfood toppings or nutritious and delicious salads for lunches and evenings. Success will be more guaranteed if you deck your kitchen out with a few necessary items such as a good blender, a juicer, a processor, and a dehydrator. There are loads of great athletic performance nutrition products available and superfood items to add to your smoothies that will provide all the necessary benefits required.

Very quickly you will notice a raw food cleanse taking place where toxicity and stagnation start to eliminate themselves and the detox process begins, cloud 9 elation quickly follows and Superman/woman status soon arrives. Youll be hugely surprised at the way you’ll feel and will be inspired to strive for newer, higher levels of goodness. By being equipped with the necessary tools and information its easy to succeed and also important not to get too overwhelmed in the beginning, its vital to focus on what you add to your diet and not what you take away. By adding raw diet foods to your meal plan the unhealthier items producing sugar and starch cravings will disappear naturally on their own accord. I hope this provides some help to steer your life and eating choices in the right direction.