Eat To Live Diet Plan

Diet – As a fitness training instructor, the vast majority of people who come to me for help are overweight. I can tell almost immediately if they are serious about their problem or if they’re here to just to test the water. I can tell in their eyes on our very first meeting if they will last less than a month or if they’re here for the whole journey. It’s not that my training program is hard, or that the equipment I use is too difficult to master, it’s usually the lack of commitment that sorts the can-do’s from the dreamers. It’s even not aboutRead More →

diet plan

Diet Plan – A healthy diet is a key to lose weight. Lifelong healthy eating habits along with exercise routine are necessary to maintain a good weight. It is advised to lose weight gradually so that it stays off. Shedding weight too fast leads to muscle and bone loss along with water instead of fat. According to Ayurveda, an excess of Kapha dosha leads to obesity or being overweight. Reasons for weight gain: Too much or too little sleep is directly linked to weight gain. This impacts the hormone production in the body that controls the appetite and hunger. Too much gap between meals slowsRead More →

Diet Guide

Diet Guide – Because of the rising number of people having health problems and illnesses, the normal market experience the continued rising of raw food as well. Both positive and negative information can be attained from different books and articles in the world wide web. There is a need to look for the point to start with for many individuals so that they are capable to alter one part of their lives and solve their own problems. Even if raw food can do miracles in an individual’s life, it cannot serve as the panacea for all illnesses out there. It has various effects on all typesRead More →