cardio for fat loss

Cardio For Fat Loss ¬†Avoid These Three Mistakes! – As more health and fitness information becomes readily available, there is, inevitably, a growing disconnect that occurs between students and the teachers. This disconnect has been demonstrated clearly in the realm of cardio for fat loss, where misinformation has left hopeful dieters disappointed and depressed. While there is no denying that any cardiovascular exercise poses benefits in virtually every aspect of physical health, there are some unfortunately common mistakes that inhibit people from achieving the results they really crave: Fat Loss. Mistake #1: Cardio-Junkies Don’t Eat Enough Let’s break some barriers right off the bat; yourRead More →

can you lose weight without dieting

Can You Lose Weight Without Dieting – Did you know that dieting actually has a 99% failure rate? I bet you didn’t. Despite all the media, magazines and chat show hype, dieting is actually the least effective way to lose and maintain weight. Studies show that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat for good health. So yes. You can easily lose weight without dieting. A study as recent as 2009 took two groups of people who wanted to lose weight. One group was put on a low-calorie plan and the other group was told to just eat healthily.Read More →

adrenal fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue – A Real Weight on Weight Loss Adrenal fatigue, medically known as hypoadrenia, is often controversial; there is the debate if adrenal fatigue is its own syndrome or a symptom of another medical condition like that of Addison’s disease. Either way, Adrenal fatigue can really affect one’s health negatively when it comes to weight loss attempts. To understand the effects adrenal fatigue has on weight loss, it’s important to understand what it is. Understanding Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue is associated with constant and overwhelming stress. Often people complain of being tired, feeling exhausted or run down and physically and emotionally stressed. In anRead More →

abnormal weight loss

Abnormal Weight Loss – Weight loss is the reduction of total body weight, due to loss of body fluid or fat or adipose tissues. Abnormal weight loss is a symptom of acute or chronic illness. Involuntary weight loss leads to muscle loss, depression and increased rate of complications. There is a strong relationship between weight loss and mortality. Causes: Below are the reasons for unintentional weight loss: Depression: Symptoms of depression include trouble with sleeping, change in appetite, fatigue or lack of energy, thoughts of suicide and so on. Loss of appetite: Doctors term anorexia as Loss of appetite. Cancer: Cancers of the pancreas, stomachRead More →

7 Healthy Foods That Aid in Weight Loss

7 Healthy Foods That Aid in Weight Loss – When we talk about losing weight, we normally associate it with eating less and exercise. Although doing both can help, did you know that eating the right foods works better? According to research, you can actually shed pounds by filling up with any of these foods. 1. Eggs Long ago, eggs were feared because of their high cholesterol content. But now, they’ve regained their glory. Thanks to studies, it was found that eggs don’t actually have a direct effect on our blood cholesterol levels, hence they don’t cause heart problems. What makes eggs even more interestingRead More →

5 weight loss tips in the cubicle

5 Weight Loss Tips In The Cubicle Work for you may be as addictive as alcohol, but akin to the same, it forces you to gain weight too! The cubicle is a dreaded place for people who have tendencies to go overboard with their binge-eating habits for the workplace can be an effective obesity trap for most of us. However, we understand how vast a problem this is, and how small the world of information on weight loss tips has been online to tackle this problem. You can fight weight loss in the UK with natural slimming pills & safe slimming pills for only soRead More →

5 easy dan fast weight loss tips

¬†Easy and Fast Weight Loss Tips Are you looking for weight loss tips that will help you lose weight fast or weight loss tips that will keep the weight off for good? There’s a big difference. It’s tempting to opt for the former type of tip. Looking for shortcuts and quick results are just a part of human nature. The problem is that you’ll be right back to square one when the weight comes back (and it will) when you lose weight quickly. Here are some weight loss tips that will help you do what is necessary to achieve permanent weight loss and look forwardRead More →

4 weight loss methods you've never heard of

4 Weight Loss Methods You’ve Never Heard Of The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight often include a more productive work and social life, improved sleep, more energy, and a decrease in various types of disorders and diseases. Here are four weight loss methods you’ve never heard of: Cut Back the Cardio We’ve been conditioned to believe that the most effective way to move our bodies is to engage in intense cardio workouts. While cardio is a necessary component of a healthy exercise routine, sometimes less is more, surprising as that may sound. If that time on the treadmill or in your spinning and HIITRead More →

3 powerful adaptogens help reduce weight gain from stress

  3 Powerful Adaptogens Help Reduce Weight Gain From Stress Often when people, especially westerners, first learn about herbs that are adaptogens they are amazed and a bit incredulous. How could one herb do so much? In some cases, the same herb that can help you lose weight is also the one to try if your goal is to gain weight. At the same time, it may also help prevent cancer, balance blood sugar, calm digestion and help you sleep. To Westerners, this seems amazing because we are used to thinking about finding unique solutions to specific health issues and are accustomed to thinking aboutRead More →

Image source: 3 Goof-Proof Weight-Loss Tips Are you frustrated with your lack of weight loss on your current diet? If you've been dieting hard with the result of lost energy and the same body, you might be making the same popular mistakes others make. Here are 3 goof-proof weight-loss tips to help you on your weight-loss journey. While these may not be "revolutionary," they are commonly ignored, hence lack of weight-loss success. Lower Your Caloric Intake It's no surprise that low calories lead to weight loss. However, how you reduce calories can make or break your success. Slashing calories for quick weight loss willRead More →