Tips On How To Diet For Dummies

Tips On How To Diet For Dummies

Tips On How To Diet For Dummies

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Tips On How To Diet For Dummies

I always wondered why I was gaining weight. When you are a little short in the cerebral department it's so hard to tell. I just couldn't understand why I was piling on the pounds. Surely a couple of small beers a couple of times a week and a take out was completely fine?

Ok I was sitting at my desk all day then watching telly all night. But I didn't think I was eating that much? It really didn't make any sense. I was eating not a great deal but still my weight just crept up and up. It was a little frustrating to be honest.

I was so confused. I bet you are too right? It wasn't until I bumped into one of my more intelligent friends that he pointed out a few clever things to me. He said maybe I should change a few things in my life? But i said what? I'm not doing anything wrong. I think I just have a slow metabolism. Maybe I am just meant to be fat.

His face tightened up then he gave me a few tips on how to diet.

He said maybe you are not aware that what you are eating is making you fat. You are not eating a massive amount, but you are eating the wrong things and doing no exercise.

Wow. I had an aha moment! But what about the food I am eating? Is beer and Pizza not quite healthy? I hear beer has protein and vitamins and pizza has cheese on it which is good for you?

His face tightened again and he gave me more tips on how to diet .

He said beer has quite a few vitamins but many calories and carbohydrates. Most people who drink a lot of beer put on weight. And as for pizza (especially american style with a thick base) is very high in carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is the same as sugar. So if you eat high carbohydrate food its like eating sugar so you get fat.

He also said that many processed foods and fast food have large amounts of added sugar on top of the carbohydrate they all ready have. This why everyone is putting on weight. He said I should know the truth about food.

Another aha moment! Are there any other high carbohydrate foods I should avoid? I asked him.

Yes he said you should avoid bread, pasta, rice, flour and potatoes. Wow these tips on how to diet from my clever friend were really good!

I realised that my day to day food intake was mostly carbohydrates. Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, rice, toast in the morning, beer, snacks like crisps and other things.

Ok I said that's all good I know what to avoid but what can I eat?

He said its very simple. Just eat lots of fruit and vegetables and lean meat. Eggs and fish too. Omelets, smoothies and salads is a perfect way to start he said. He also said but you can never go back. You must eat these new foods at least eighty percent of the time after losing your weight if you want to stay slim.

Ok thanks – I was loving his tips on how to diet!

He said you are missing one thing though. What is that? He said you need to exercise a bit. I said no way! He said yes way. Eventually I said ok. You mean I have to go running? He said don't be silly that is all media hyped up nonsense some studies show that running or exercising too hard is actually bad for you. So what can I do then? Just go for a walk. I said. really? Yes if you walk for about an hour a day and eat the foods I have suggested you will lose a lot of weight he said.

That doesn't sound so bad. I think I will try that I said. I tried it and he was right. It wasn't easy I had to really focus on changing. The thing I found out was that when you eat the right foods you can still eat a lot of them and still lose weight. So I was never hungry. I treated myself to a pizza each Sunday and that was fine. And the rest of the time I did what my clever friend said.

I followed his tips on how to diet and I lost so much weight. I stuck to what he said. I now eat the good foods eighty percent of the time I walk for an hour a day and the weight has stayed off. I am so glad my clever friend gave me his special tips on how to diet. It has changed my life. Maybe they can change your life too. For more tips on how to diet you can look at my site. It shows exactly how I did it.