What To Do If Nothing Works For Weight Loss!

what to do if nothing works

What To Do If Nothing Works For Weight Loss!

What To Do If Nothing Works For Weight Loss!

There are several areas I look at with really tough cases. First, I find out when they were at their ideal weight and isolate what occurred just prior to that. This could be some low-calorie diet, an injury, pregnancy, infection or some stress. I also want to know if they are consuming enough leafy greens and whether these are raw or cooked. Inevitably, they are either overcooked or of poor quality. I then see if hidden sugars are in the diet, and the person usually has no idea that vanilla yogurt contains tons of sugar, as do most juices. I check for refined carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta. I make sure that they are not having ANY wine, as alcohol irritates the liver, which prevents fat burning. One drink before bed will block weight loss for 1 to 4 days.

I also evaluate their exercise. They are usually doing sustained exercise, which is working against the natural rhythms of the body. I switch them to interval training at 1 minute of intense exercise and 5 minutes of rest, and I’m talking about lying down or sitting, not walking. This will help reactivate the recovery cycle of exercise, which is where the fat is actually burned.

I make sure that their energy is going up, and when it’s not, I’ll add more protein if they are on the Liver Enhancement.

If they have some old stress injuries, I will apply the Acupressure Stress Elimination Technique to get the body into a deep, restful sleep and relaxation.

Hope this helps.

Other Reason Your Diet Fails!

The biggest challenge I come across is not getting people committed to staying ON track, but friends and co-workers taking them OFF track.

Your friends, family, and co-workers, although often well-meaning, WILL probably attempt to undermine your progress.

Have you heard these before?
* Just take a piece – it’s a holiday!
* Come on, enjoy life! Everything in moderation.
* You’re not one of those health nuts, are you?
* Hey, you’ve done so well this week, you gotta reward yourself sometimes!
* Oh, what diet are you on this week?
* How long will your diet last this time?
* I’ll bet you can’t do it for more than a week.

It’s wild to me that grocery stores actually have a Health Food Section (foods without chemicals or added sugar, etc.). So what is the rest of the store called, the Unhealthy Food Section? It’s even crazier that someone would tease you for eating food.

Food n. – that which is eaten to provide nutrition thus sustaining LIFE, providing energy, and promoting the growth and repair of tissues [Old English food, nourishment]

What they don’t know is that they are probably not eating food.

So how do YOU handle the people around you, other than strangulation therapy! I have a few comebacks that I think might work:

* Oh, I am highly allergic and break out in a contagious rash. But if you think I’ll be okay eating this, hey, why not?
* I want to thank you in advance for not having it around the house.
* I’m rewarding my body this week with high-nutrient-dense foods, but thanks anyway.
* I understand that you do not think I will stick with the diet this time, but do me a favor and zip it dot com!
* I’m on a very specific eating plan due to my fragile blood sugar problem and if I go off track even a little bit, I get violently and dangerously aggressive toward the people around me. But if you are okay with that, let’s get this party going!
* I really appreciate the offer and that’s very nice of you, but I’ m keeping my body in fat burning mode.